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Dear members and friends,

As you can see by this E-Newsletter – there is A LOT going on in our community! Here’s a short list  J

  • More films are being produced in our community
  • More crew is available to service the industry (which means more people are getting work)
  • More professionals are working to bring the work here – and I’m referring to: films – student, Indie, Studio features, Still Photography, Television, Music Videos and New Media for Web – which has huge potential
  • More professionals are working to service this work
  • Still Photography – STILL the largest piece of the production pie for our community – keep this in mind!!!  Especially if you have a nice or interesting location
  • More television and New Media is available and taking the leading role in the production pie - keep this in mind, as well!
  • MUCH more recognition of this area for production – thanks to a few things:  The Riverside County Film Commissioners are working it big time!!!  And it is paying off – as we (the collective)/they (leaders) have increased the work by over 22% in just the last year alone!  They work with all the entities who were at our State of the Industry panel on Feb 6th – BRAVO!
  • Panel member, Janice Lopez, who won the COLA (California ON Location Awards) Public Employee of the Year Award – because of this, the phones are ringing off the hook from productions!  Thanks, again, to RCFC!
  • SAG-AFTRA working with their members here, our org’s and our educational Academies  - so everyone knows the opportunities and benefits of being involved
  • DIGICOM – now expanding and working with COD – how they are growing is unprecedented and this is about the most fabulous opportunity for students EVER – and I mean for the country, as well!  Even the Universe of Education!  So help us support these efforts because it was created HERE - by one person who had a great idea - and the wherewithal and drive to follow thru!  Please note: I speak to ALL of you with a great idea! This is proof positive – that it only takes one person to make significant change – in your community, the world or Universe!!  Yes – a village came into play – but it began with one person!  Bravo – and I hope this increases inspiration!

Ok – So …….  Keep tuned in with us – we have some cool things happening and we are here for you!

Best to you all!


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