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Dear Members and Friends,

So many great things happening around our community!!!

For PSWIFT - we are juggling all the good opportunities! We had the opportunity to support the after-school program for PSUSD and the City of PS - How totally cool this is and the kids...well just look!! 

Our April Mixer is going to be great and it is the beginning of the PSWIFT Speakers Series that producer Kim Waltrip is organizing for us - we will have several next year - bringing in real working professionals to provide information and connections to our members!  We are very excited about this program!!!  Stay tuned for this rundown, I know you will appreciate it!

Then there are our special and SAG events - we will bring you as much information from all in Hollywood that you need to know! OH, and by the way, we are now on the Board of Women in Film and Television International. If you want to have connections anywhere in the world, we just may have a chapter there and you will be welcome Keep in touch on your projects and we will connect you!

Enjoy all that is going on in this amazing community! I have to laugh because an old friend used to say to me - "OMG what are you doing in the desert? - there is nothing going on there!"   Clearly, this person has no clue of what goes on here there is NO shortage of things to do here all year long and the good thing is that so much of it has to do with philanthropy and charitable events! That is amazing and so gratifying!!!

Bravo to you all!   See you April 17th at the wonderful Colony Palms for an amazing speaker! Thank you to member Karen Smith, the Director of Sales there!!! She has TOTALLY stepped to the plate for producers and productions and we completely support this.

Cheers to us all! Stay cool - stay hydrated and ok bring on summer!

Be proud! This is a totally active community and you are all a part of that!



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